Summary of the local YEEP start-up week 2017


2017 was special in the meaning that there was no full YEEP exchange programme but "only" a local start-up week in Ethiopia, organised by the local incubation center manager and one Swiss representative of YEEP.

Due to the ongoing political instability in Ethiopia, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) decided, not to recruit students and to wait and see, how the situation in Ethiopia would develop. Anyhow, on the Ethiopian side, the project was carried out as usually: There was a call for participation followed by several training sessions and an idea competition, where 6 ideas were selected to go to the local business incubation center. The week was carried out between 19 to 24 June 2017. 

The ideas in the final competition were:

  • Connect: online broker service for local businesses
  • Video animations and visual services
  • English-Amharic translation app
  • Mobile shower
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Modernized spinning machine

After the final pitch, the jury composed from several local entrepreneurs, university representatives and the Swiss YEEP coordinator discussed all ideas. The winner was the modernized spinning machine, who wants to work with small local businesses and help them to speed up and automatize some of their processes.  

Besides the start-up week, the business incubation center also organised different other activities: at the beginning of the week, there was a big opening event with many local guests from the university and other institutions. On this event, current YEEP participants and those from one year ago presented their business idea. It was very nice so see the well know faces again and to relizse, how much progress some of them had made. Every team had their prototype to show and there was a big interested among the audience. In big posters, they presented the most important facts about their idea. Well done everybody, we hope that YEEP can continue to become more and more professional so that many of the business ideas will become successful. 



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