Summary of the second YEEP week (YEEP 2016)

From 27 August to 3 September, YEEP has carried out the second start-up week in Hawassa, Ethiopia. 8 Swiss students from Bern University worked together with their team mates from Hawassa University on the business plans of different ideas. At the end, a mixed Swiss-Ethiopian jury had to choose among 5 ideas. The decision was not easy, but at the end there was  winner: 

It was the coffee machine, which prepares coffee in a traditional way, including the roasting of the green beans, grinding and the boiling in a clay pot. The idea is to sell this machine to restaurants but also to households in the cities.
The other ideas in the competition were:

  • Seeding tool for the local teff crow, which can be easily attached to a plow
  • Distribution of zink-sulphit which can improve germination of crops on salinated soil
  • A medical drug for chicken, which is based on a local herb
  • A light bulb, which uses a protein found in Ethiopian fireflies


All the teams got access to the local business incubator and continued working on their idea in order to find a solution, which is well accepted by the market.



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