The actual ranking in investor game has the water distiller project, the bag-project and the wheelchair-project on the first places. Today the teams bring posters to show their progress they made on the field research trips. Some teams have adjusted their project ideas based on their findings on these trips.

Of course, costs are a relevant subject to start-ups. Josef reproves the teams to master their costs and to acknowledge that there are different kinds of expenses. As an exercise, they have to write down all the investments needed to start their business. After Fabian's short input about revenue, the teams continue to work on the last questions and start preparing their pitch for Saturday.

Today the entire group eats lunch together in the cafeteria of the universities. Injera with lentils or meat is on the menu. After lunch, the Swiss get to visit the dorms of the Ethiopian students. Both the visit and the lunch are challenging the perception of normality of the Swiss students.

Back in the Africa Union Hall, it is time for the pen-challenge: The tradings resulted in a book, in a wallet or a pack of mentos that was given to Bethlehem as a birthday present. And one smart student sold the pen to buy internet time and read more about the complex theories that were presented during the week. The Ethiopian students get more information about subjects like HR, team building, feedback culture and conflict. Exercising what they just learned they have to clarify the roles within their team.

Besides the intensive work all the teams lie down it might be a good idea to get out of the classroom, move and spend some time together. The Ethiopians and the Swiss go for a walk along the Lake of Hawassa, some are shopping for souvenirs with the help of the locals. Inspiring conversations are held while walking up the main street. In one of the many restaurants along Piassa, the students meet Abate. Enjoying another injera or some pasta, the time is spent well. The students challenge each other eating chili without tearing up or play "catch-the-finger" – some have so much fun they choose to go out together after dinner, while the rest take a bajaj and call it a night.



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