Half way through the week the YEEP-participants have important visitors today: Tesfaye Bayu (Deputy Director, Research and Technology Transfer for Institute of Technology) and Dr. Nigatu (IOT Research Director) come to listen to two of the morning presentations and express their appreciation for YEEP. After again investing the regular and extra points in the various projects, the daily theoretical input about the sales conversation is given. Corina and Debora demonstrate a good and a bad conversation and the students discuss what was helpful in the conversation and what was not. Again, the participants had to simulate a sales conversation with a virtual product and by displaying their acting talent that they understand the important points.

A pen on a trip. That could be the name of the challenge presented by Sabine und Api. Each project team gets a pen. After trading it for as many and as valuable things as possible the team with the most expensive product will win at the end of the game at the following day. After an intense coaching-session – most teams were calculating a lot of factors – the 100-Birr-challenge is evaluated. The teams had several ideas: a food delivery for students, sale of different products for students, a souvenir stand, t-shirts for a student party, a dessert-service or a drawing sale. All groups are very original! For the ranking the sustainability and the profit are also taken into consideration: The t-shirt-sale, the food delivery service and the sale of different products for students won.

After updating the week plan and filling the holes in the plan with subjects important to the students, the local entrepreneur Mikyas Handebo comes for a visit. 18 years ago, he started his business with selling drawings and pictures, today he has over 40 employees and runs a printing company. Passionately he points out how crucial it is to burn for your idea and to be persistent to be successful as an entrepreneur. As the president of the chamber of commerce of Hawassa he wants to reassure a good constructive relationship with the university. The rest of the afternoon is spent with a short input about intercultural communication and about the final pitch at Saturday. After a few more busy hours with coaching the Swiss go for an Ethiopian dinner in town.



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