Sunday morning, time for the Ethiopian students to present their projects: The mini desk fan (Abraham), BB Enterprise (Bereket), Briquette Business (Eimeran), Plant Sun Protector (Kalkidan, Bereket), Cleaning Machine (Sahile, Kahsay), Dan Wheelchair (Betlehem), Water Distiller (Robel, Mirage, Nardos), New Hope Biomedical Equipments (Getaneh, Eyob, Muhammad, Samuel). The swiss students ask questions and clarify facts. Already during the first coffee-break the local and the foreign students are engaged in lively discussions. Stephan and Mirjam assign the different teams during the lunch break. After an input to intercultural communication the Swiss students introduce themselves with a personal object.

Miriam explains the program of the week: The free spaces leave room for flexibility. Now the first challenge is demonstrated by Fabian: Every morning each team will present the state of their project during two minutes. Then the teams will invest 100 points in those projects they see as the most promising. The one with the best instinct will profit at the end of the week. Also the second challenge is revealed by Stephan: The 100 Birr task. The eight teams get 100 Birr and need to earn as much money with it as possible till Wednesday. At the end of the day the Swiss and the Ethiopians go for a walk on the campus where Tesfaye Bayu meets them. The university of Hawassa incorporates five campuses.



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