photo: arriving in Hawassa

It’s YEEP-Week! One part of the team already got to Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, on Friday. The other part is arriving early Saturday morning. Our Shuttle Service from the University of Hawassa picks up everybody. There are around five hours of driving ahead of us. But first we are hungry, so we stop to have breakfast in a Kaldis-Shop, a coffee-chain. Obviously, the employees were a little overwhelmed by 18 customers at once early in the morning: While the last ones were getting served, the first ones already finished. But the YEEP-team was happy to have something in their belly.

Leaving Addis, the first half of our drive takes us through the suburbs of the capital with the many construction sites. Addis is a growing city with already now an estimated population of 4 million. After driving of the nice high-way the landscape quickly becomes very rural. After a short break in Shashamane we continue our trip – now in hotter and more humid conditions. On the roadside we not only see birds, donkeys, camels, cows and goats, but we also see a big tipped fueltruck. In Europe there would be security measures, here people are queuing with their water canister to gather as much fuel as possible.

Finally, we arrive in Hawassa, a city with a population of about 328 000, on the shore of lake Hawassa, where the hippos are found. And now we are also united with Stephan. We check in to the teaching hotel on the main campus and after refreshing we meet our fellow YEEP-Team-members of Ethiopia. First, we try to memorize their names: Betlehem, Samuel, Abraham. These are names which are familiar to us. But what about Getaneh, Nardos, Sahile or Kalkidan. But also our Ethiopian friends struggle with our names. With lots of laughter we play the Zick-Zack-game. To get to know each other better we also make lines, for example according to how many siblings we have, how old we are or if we like soccer or not.

That was a long day, time for dinner and bed.

photo: ice breaker games




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