The YEEP Alumni Organisation is part of the NGO “The Business Machine” and was founded in October 2016. It is open to all former Swiss/ European participants of the Young Entrepreneur Exchange Project (YEEP) and it enables the alumni to stay in touch with each other and with YEEP itself.

One important goal of the organization is to support the ongoing YEEP projects. To reach this objective, the YEEP Alumni Award was developed. It basically represent a pitch competition open for all the teams that participated in the local start-up week and/ or the YEEP International Exposure Week.

This year, the Alumni Award meeting took place on 23 April in Bern. 12 members attended the meeting and 7 more voted online in order to select the most convincing team, which made the biggest progress since the International Exposure Week in February 2018.

The result of the vote was quite clear: the winner was the team of the “Automated irrigation device”.

The YEEP Alumni had the impression, that this team was particularly hard working on their idea and liked the fact that a first test customer was ready to buy a prototype for his garden.

The winners have received the prize money of 15’000 Ethiopian Birr, which they can use to bring their business on step further to fly. 



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