• + Hawassa University
  • + YEEP facilitator
  • + Nationality: Ethiopian
  • + Year of Birth: 1981

I have been working in Hawassa University for the last 10 years as Lecturer, Researcher and Trainer. In addition to that I have been working with Ethiopian Entrepreneurship Centre and UNDP as a Certified National Level Entrepreneurship Trainer and BDS advisor for the last three years. Moreover, I have wrote and published a book on Entrepreneurship and currently conducting a research in the area. I am totally devoted for Entrepreneurship and working towards to be one of the best consultants and trainers in the Entrepreneurship and want to impact the lives of youths in the country through the same thinking that entrepreneurship is an indispensable way out of poverty for the country and youths and I am glad that I am working with YEEP towards accomplishing our shared vision.” 


Role in the Project and Main Contributions

I am working as project facilitator from Ethiopian side taking the responsibility to coordinate resources locally available   and bridge the two communities to accomplish the goals of “The Business Machine YEEP project”. Since working in the area of Youth Entrepreneurship is my very interest and my life time goal, being part of the project YEEP will give me the perfect opportunity to work towards my future dream committing myself to use all my skills, competencies and experiences accumulated over the past around 10 years in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business for the expected success from the project in which many Ethiopians University Students and Swiss Entrepreneurs will benefit a lot on their way to success. 


Professional Experiences

Current Occupation:

  • Lecturer and  Researcher in The University 
  • Entrepreneurship Trainer and BDS advisor with the Ethiopian Entrepreneurship Development Center 
  • YEEP Project Facilitator (Ethiopia).



Basic Education:

  • BSc degree in Business Education focusing on marketing management from Addis Ababa University Addis Abeba Ethiopia.
  • MBA Degree in Marketing Management from IGNOU, New Delhi India 
  • Major subjects: Business management, Marketing management and Accounting

Further Education: 

  • Various short term trainings in Entrepreneurship, Value chain, Agribusiness, Industry Linkage….to mention a few 


Personal Interests, Voluntary Work

My personal Interests are  to invest my whole life endeavors to be a more successful entrepreneur by Launching different Business including  establishing my already underway Consultancy firm , Dairy Farm Business which has already been started , write different Entrepreneurship Books for the youth and to be one of the  influential motivational speakers in the whole world in the coming 10 years.  In addition to that I really want to help the desperate poor youths through proving trainings and consultancy service for free to live their dreams and thereby help them aware that they are so much capable to kick poverty out of them…yes it is so much possible... The sky is the limit and I am convincing and will ofcourse convince them that poverty is self-inflicted... we have to break the chain of poor mentality and substitute it with riche men/women mentality... and we can learn it from such Success gurus and  that means everyone can be successful if he/she wants to be and works on it harder than ever personally to make some progresses everyday... 




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