• + Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • + Head of BFH International Relations Office
  • + Nationality: Swiss
  • + Age: 54 years




 “YEEP is an initiative that embraces applied learning in a challenging intercultural  environment. Simultaneously it addresses concrete needs in a developing society and fosters mutual understanding and tolerance.  Students and Teachers are further developing the project and build long lasting alliances.”

Role in the Project and Main Contributions

As head of the BFH International Relations Office, I deal with the Institutional aspects like the Main Memorandum of Understanding between BFH and HWU as a legal basis and framework of the project. Through my longstanding connection to Ethiopia I can offer my experiences in the country and an extended network of local people that are helpful for many different things, like welcoming students or guests in Addis Abeba, or other.

Further I engage to showcase the YEEP project in different international conferences (EAIE, EADI), because I’m convinced, that it adopts a sustainable creative approach that goes much further than the traditional Development Aid philosophy.

Professional Experience

Current Occupation:

  • Head of the International Relations Office fo the Bern University of Applied Sciences

Earlier Professional Experiences:

  • Physiotherapy Lecturer at the Health Division BFH. Set up and run a student placement program in Addis Ababa for about 13 years.


  • Master in Medical Education, University of Bern (2004)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy,  Physiotherapy School, Insel Hospital, Bern (1986)

Personal Interests, Voluntary Work

I love Ethiopia. It’s the home country of my youngest daughter.  Since 1998 I visited the country for about 30 times, met many good friends and start to understand a little bit more about the way of living there. Though nowadays it changes rapidly and tremendously. To further develop a dialog and mutual understanding between humans from both cultures I founded a small network association KWEAS in Bern. BTW, that’s where Daniel and Stephan met for the first time.



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